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PRIORITY REQUEST: API function to execute shell commands

We are finding limitations in the internal Rollbase API and need a way out that does not involve waiting for Rollbase functionality to be developed.

Can we suggest that, as a priority, you add a Trigger type and API function to Rollbase to execute shell comands.

This way, we won't be limited to the internal RB API, and will be able to write functionality in any language and use 3rd party libraries like curl.

This will prevent us from having bugs or missing features prevent us from progressing with our developments.

  • Can I suggest that you create a sample / complementary custom Trigger to include with that documentation please rather that everyone coming across these issues having to revert to learning Java coding regardless of their preferred and experienced language they are trying to call?

  • Hello,

    I believe you could set up a web server somewhere and access it via web-services using HTTP POST / HTTP GET type of triggers in Rollbase.

    We have done that ourselves at some point in our apps.

    You can then process whatever you want from your third party web-server, thus allowing you to use any programing language you like.


  • I'm with Romain, it makes more sense to have a decoupled interface you can call when you need to perform 3rd-party actions.  If you're calling out to different shell commands, you run the risk of interfering with the proper running of RollBase, especially if your trigger has to wait for the shell command to complete.

    When we need to integrate with other systems, we call out to web services using those triggers or a custom Java trigger that calls a web service.  The web service then can be running decoupled on a separate server altogether.