Hi all,

We are trying to open a popup page from another one to do some checks. Here is the situation :

We have an object X and an object Y, with a relationships 1:M (one X to many Y).  The view page of X is as above :

When clicking on "Attach Opportunity" (Opportunity is object Y), the selector page opens. 

Now, when one opportunity has been clicked, we want to open another popup asking the user for confirmation, as the field of the relationship (X to Y) is going to be changed.  More generally, it can be any other page to change some fields of this opportunity being attached, before this action is completed.

What we tried to do, is change properties of this popup page opening when "Attach.." is clicked, (by adding the action of opening our new modal) but it seems to be very heavy. 

We think it would be very helpful to have a pop up functionality in RB, that can be called as many times as necessary. More specifically, this functionality would be possible to call from pop ups as well as pages.

Thank you very much.