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Increasing the Granularity of Rollbase Administrative Permissions

  • Coming Soon

We find the lack of granularity in Rollbase Administrative Permissions to be very limiting and would like to see more control and configurability as far as the specific permissions that can be given to a User Role.

To provide examples, below is a list of User Role permissions we would like to see in a future release:

Author Triggers: Create triggers and workflow actions/statuses
Create and Customize Reports & Charts
Create and Customize List Views
Customize Application: Creating objects, fields, relationships
Data Export
Data Import
Edit Templates: Create, edit, and delete email templates
Manage Users
Mass Email
Mass Edit
Modify All Data
View All Data
Portal Super User
Reset User Passwords
Send Email
View Encrypted Data
View Setup and Configuration

Status update

We have planned  "Granular Admin Permissions " feature currently planned for Q3-17 with specific permissions to manage in scope of this features.

  • Hello,

    We agree that it would be a great enhancement to be able to define permissions with much more granularity since the administrators can do so much more that other regular users which are very limited.

    To add on your initial request which I think contains a lot of good ideas,

    We would like to be able to define Email template permissions for each email template, rather than it being a global setting.

    Right now, when setting up templates for technical purposes (for instance, a .XML template document for SOAP related triggers), the template can be seen, edited, and deleted by every user.

    We would like to be able to define permissions on templates (just like it is available for views) mainly for this reason.


  • I acutally meant "template" (including Email templates AND document templates) by the way.

  • +1 We also agree this is an important enhancement.  Especially agree with the ability for individual tenants to manage their own templates.

  • We would like to define access to MassEdit, Clone pr.object/Role, not only pr. role.

  • Agree.  Clone reports and schedule reports are two more to add to this list.  I have 20+% of my users that think they need to be Administrators in order to manage one or more of the items listed above.  

  • We need to be able to assign different permissions by application so we can deploy multiple apps in a single tenant but limit sensitive personnel and financial records to only the admin of the app.  

  • Here are a few more controls that would be useful:

    Schedule batch jobs to generate reports on regular intervals

    Edit page layouts

    Login as portal user/contact