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Improve the selector component

When entering data in text fields which have a lookup (or dropdown list) it is not very user friendly. Also the look and feel of the screen after a value is selected isn't very nice. The value of the selected item is displayed below the text field. When a value is selected the size of the screen is changed.

I think the label of the selected record which is added should be placed inside the text field. This prevents the screen from resizing. It also should be user friendly when the user can select the value of a dropdownlist by the keyboard. At the moment this is only possible by selecting it by mouse.

Status update

Completed in Rollbase 4.0 with Rollbase New UI .

  • Great idea, can save a lot space on the screen!

  • Very nice, would make our lives a lot easier.

  • This idea is implemented in the 4.0 release!