It would be great enhancement to have object inheritance (hierarchy of objects) possible, just like in any Object-oriented programming language.

For example, this would allow the following things:

  • Have an object "Person",
  • Have an object "Employee" which inherits from Person,
  • Have an object "Candidate" which inherits from Person.

All fields in the "Person" object are also "reachable" in the "Employee" and "Candidate", but they don't need to be created there.

Right now, the only way to approch this would be to create every field in every object which takes time and isn't very generic.
You have to create firstName, lastName, adress, phone numbers... fields in all of the 3 objects presented above.

This could also allow for relationships.
For instance, you could have a relationship between Person and Country.
The relationship would also be reachable from the Employee and the Candidate objects.

Providing the above as a new enhancement would:
- Save further time in the development process using Rollbase,
- Avoid having too much fields in one object, because the created fields would be divided in different objects,
- Allow for more flexibility in app making. (The Person object would be included in any app, while the "Candidate" object be only included in the "Recruitment" app).

Concretely, when creating an object, there could be the option to have the object "inherit" from an other object that we could choose in a combo-box.

Thank you,