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Event/Task Popup Reminders Enhancement

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I would like to elaborate more on the events popup reminder topic already discussed here :  https://community.progress.com/community_groups/products_enhancements/i/rollbase/event_popup_reminders_customization

We are proposing a change to how notifications are displayed for Overdue Events and Tasks. Currently they are all displayed in one growl notification and can only be closed.

It would be ideal  to have a window popup listing all the Overdue AND [MK] upcoming meetings or to-do's (or any custom object  that uses Event and Task  attributes), as shown in this screenshot and have the ability to individually take actions on them.


When the user logs in, the reminders can be automatically displayed, but the user can choose to minimise and carry on working. The reminder button on the header/top will be highlighted to indicate that there are pending notifications. This way it wouldn't popup every time on refresh or when we open a new page as it is the case now. Also, these reminders will be applicable for both UPCOMING and OVERDUE items, which makes the notification user friendly and more interactive. Reminding a meeting is as useful as warning that it is overdue

It would also be good to have options in each one of the objects which have the event and task attributes so that the notifications can be customized.

  1.     Allow Notifications (check-box) – to enable/disable notifications for the object
  2.     It would also be good to provide a template builder (similar to that in the Contact Card designer in 4.2) where the      Admin can specify the fields/format to show in the pop-up for each object . For example we might want to show Account and Contact for Tasks. And maybe Location and duration for Meetings.

 Also, we could have user specific options;

  1.    Default snooze duration – this can be set automatically for the user, but they can change it on the reminder window by clicking on the pick-list.

 We have 2 examples below

Thank you


  • Hello,

    One more option that would be interesting to add to the objects that have the events/tasks attributes is  the ability to select the items to show in the grid actions menu. In the example above we have 'Snooze 5 min' and 'Snooze 15 min'. So similarly we could have 'Snooze 5 min', 'Snooze 10 min', 'Snooze 20 min' for meetings. And then 'Snooze 5 min', 'Snooze 1 hour', 'Snooze 1 day' for tasks. And same as suggested before, this could be a pick-list where we can select the items we want to display in the actions grid menu, in the object itself.

    Of course you can then decide on whether to have a maximum number of items in that menu or leave this open to the users to select.