We use email out of Rollbase to mass notify our customers for service outages, case creation, status updates, etc.  However, we have ongoing concerns about it's reliability as we periodically run into email failures originating from Rollbase.  The only indication we have is if the intended recipient is expecting an email and advises us that they did not receive one or we continually monitor our logs to look for these type of errors since the COMMLOG does not get written until after each email is successfully sent.

We would like this enhanced to create a COMMLOG record prior to sending the email so if the email fails we have a reliable audit trail built into the platform that any user can see.  This record would also be attached to the source object record the email was sent from.    This COMMLOG record would contain all data intended for the original email including the TO, FROM, SUBJECT, BODY, ATTACHMENTS, etc.   This logic would also provide a means for us to programmatically resend previously failed outgoing emails.