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Add filters above field names in List views

The filtering available in List Views seems comprehensive.

However in day-to-day operations most businesses are usually trying to select a record based on fields in the list.

The above arrangement works very well. There is a filter box above (optionally) each field and the user simply keys in the value and applies the filter. In the above example all records starting "Ma" are displayed in the list after applying the filter (could optionally be "contains" ). You can easily apply a second filter at the same time or subsequently which would add to the first filter. Thus adding "Los" above column 3 would present all records where the name started "Ma" and the  city began "Los"........('contains' is usually more useful than 'begins')

Thus in long lists of records the user can usually identify what he/she is looking for very quickly.

It also takes up much less screen real-estate.

The other fuller filtering option would still be available of course  - but the above would be an elegant solution for 90% + situations.

  • Agreed  - placing filter fields directly over the related field is brilliant. I first saw this many years ago in the X1 search program. I copied this idea in many MS Access apps I was creating and managing at that time. Another aPaas I recently explored called Intalio Create also had this. I would love to see this interface design in Rollbase!