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Ability to extend the JavaScript API

We recommend that it would be valueable and good for code-efficiency and de-duplication if we could extend the JavaScript API.

For exmaple, to add new functions or override existent functions.

Plus this would make it easier for us to integrate 3rd party services as functions, and perhaps then send them back up-stream for consideration for future inclusion i the software or availability in the Application marketplace.

  • Are you referring to the client-side JavaScript API (AJAX API), or the Server-side JavaScript API available in the formula/template editor?  For client side JavaScript, you can already override function by simply redefining them after main.js is included into the page.  Also you can create your own functions and include them site-wide and use them.  For example, we have a custom Client-side AJAX method rbf_updateRecord2 that mirrors rbf_updateRecord but supports callbacks.

  • I know that in the Private Cloud instance of Rollbase you can add java classes and include those via the CustomClassFilter -- then you can invoke those from JavaScript (This is not realistic for the hosted Rollbase where this could be used to harm the stability of the system for other users.)

    Can you give another example of what you are after?