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  • User Exception IP Whitelisting

    To improve the system security, we applied IP whitelisting. Although, we need a user role to be exempted to the IP whitelisting as his task is to travel around and update the records in the system. Currently what he does is to request to whitelist the...
  • MAC Address Whitelist

    Hi Rollbase, Can you also add the MAC Address whitelist. The feature is to access the system with specific device only through MAC Address. Thank You! Herbert
  • Return admin's "Log In As" functionality

    Our top tool for troubleshooting issues for specific users in Rollbase was to use the "Log In As" feature from the master zone to log in as a specific user and confirm the issue they are encountering. Now, when I use this feature, it kicks off...
  • [4.2] - Ability to choose custom New/Edit/View/Quick Create/Attach selector Page

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great to have the option of choosing a custom New/Edit/View/Quick Create/Attach Selector page from the Page Designer option. Currently, we have the ability to clone those pages and it would be great to choose these newly created/cloned...
  • Auto-select record if linked search action results in one record

    3 objects: cars, owners and parking lots: cars & owners are RB native objects and parking lots is an external object. In the lookup field properties of 'parking lot' on the new page of the object car, I have a primary search action on 'cars...
  • [4.2] - "Go to top" button on the Object Definition page

    • Coming Soon
    Hello, It would be great to have a button that navigates to the topmost part of the page when we have scrolled a bit/all the way to the bottom because scrolling takes a lot of time on the object definition page if we need to move back and forth. Please...
  • Integration of Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box for storage service in Ro...

    • Under Review
    Enable Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box services to be integrated with the Rollbase as 3rd party storage services. -Ithrees
  • Change the List View conditionally before load

    • Under Review
    I understand the assigned List View is loaded when the page loads, and that the condition (to test) is only available after this point. It would be very useful to be able to change the List View conditionally (e.g. based on record type) before the page...
  • Cancelling a Trigger

    • Under Review
    Hello, It would be great if we could cancel the triggers that were started using the "Run Triggers" option under the Triggers menu for an object. Full details are mentioned here:
  • Email API - Add function delete Mail Message

    Incoming Gmail/Exchange allows you the ability to delete emails from inbox. I would like the smae functionality via the Email API Regards, Stephen