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ANNOUNCEMENT - December 9, 2019

Ideas (product feature enhancements) for the following products can now be made in the Ideas Portal launched on December 9, 2019:

All existing open Ideas in this Community (submitter and date submitted, name, description and votes) have been imported into the new Ideas Portal. The Progress Communities Ideas forums for these products have been set to read-only.

Please use the new Ideas Portal to enter new ideas, and to review, comment and vote on existing ideas. If you submit a new idea or subscribe to an existing idea, you will receive email updates on any public comments and significant status changes made to the idea, to help keep you informed. You can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Allow JWT authentication of SOAP requests

    Hi We have a frontend application that requests data from a number of internal systems. This includes an OpenEdge System deployed on PASOE. It requests data from PASOE using SOAP web services. The frontend system uses JWT as a single sign on mechanism...
  • Read properties from AD into ClientPrincipal

    Need emailsadress to send info. Domains for log into multitenancy db
  • Mapped web object support in PASOE

    • Under Review
    We have a stable application developed and maintained over the last 10 years which is using mapped web objects. We were looking to migrate this off a classic Webspeed and move it to a multi-tenant, hosted environment using PASOE. However, a big monkey...