Since we have many ports to keep track of per customer instance on a server, we have opted to standardize on port numbers and instead use a separate private ip per customer. This is working well except for creation of a pasoe instance. I create the instance, then edit the instance's conf/server.xml to add the necessary attribute to the Connector so that it looks like this:

<!-- feature:begin:HTTP:on -->
<Connector address="192.168.xxx.yyy" executor="tomcatThreadPool"


The key part is adding address="192.168.xxx.yyy".

The next hurdle is that creating an instance checks to see if a port is in use on the machine without respect to a bind address using netstat. This means once one customer is installed and running, another one can't be created. I get around this by creating my own netstat function and exporting it from the script I'm using to install everything:

# Override the netstat command because tcmanager.sh is looking at port usage without regard to ip address
netstat() {

export -f netstat

A better solution would be to do the test for the bind ip and port combination, or even just have a flag to disable to port in use test.

Note: I'm doing this in 11.6, apologies if this is already supported in 11.7