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Working with OpenEdge CDC Level 2 Policies

In some situation for Pro2 users, we need to implement tracking and storage in the target database of all changes of the records.

In the use of Pro2 based on replication triggers, this is possible, in terms of Pro2, this is called Audit Database & Second Pass Replication.

In the current version of Pro2 (v5.0.4), replication triggers can be replaced with OpenEdge CDC, but changes are tracked only by CDC policy with Level 0.

I ask to implement the ability to use Pro2 with Level 2 policies of OE CDC.

  • Valeri,

    While we don't yet have yet have a date, we do have plans for consuming CDC Level 2 policies and events.   The long term vision is to directly consume CDC versus the current method of generating replqueue entries from CDC rows.

    Be aware that while Pro2 does yet support this feature, you could provide custom code to pull this off in any version.  If done properly, the only mod would be to the CDCAdmin process which could be tweaked to grab the additional CDC table structure, i.e field data,  and move that data into the ReplQueue.RawData field.  This would allow the "2nd pass replication" feature to simply work out of the box.

    The trick to pulling this off is properly building a full record of the changed row, even though CDC would give up only the modified column information.  Not a big deal, just something to be aware.

    Let me know if this seems like a good direction for you and your customer and if so we can schedule a call to discuss the details.    If you aren't comfortable with the code change but feel the idea is sound, we could pull in the Pro2 services group and have them provide a custom solution for you.

    The good news is you do have some options.

    Hope this helps,


    Progress Engineering