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Pro2 CDC: supporting the Splitting Replication Threads feature


Currently (Pro2v.5.0.4), the Splitting Replication Threads function is not supported. Our database has high transactional activity, so we need this feature to migrate to Pro2 CDC. Currently it is the only restraining factor.


  • Valeriy,

    Why do you say split threading is not supported in 5.0.4? Split threads work the same in that version as in the previous versions.   Can you give me a bit more detail as to shy you think the feature wasn't moved forward?



  • Hi Terry,

    I mean CDCBatch process (Pro2 & OE CDC). When this process extract CDC-data from the OE CDC enabled OpenEdge database in replqueue creates a notes without support Splitting Replication Threads.

    But if use standard replication triggers instead of OE CDC, then Splitting Replication Threads works as designed.

    I opened case (00441916) on this issue in PTS and there I was advised to create an idea.



  • Be aware, CDC Split thread support was released in the HotFix version on 07/23/2018.

  • Yes, I see. It really works now. Thank you!