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 OpenEdge Installation & Deployment

  • Address space layout randomization for shipped .dll's.

    Would like ASLR applied to all .dll's shipped with OpenEdge.
  • Enforce Data Execution Prevention on shipped .dll's

    Some .dll's shipped with OpenEdge do not have DEP enabled. Would like to have DEP enabled on all .dll's shipped with OpenEdge.
  • RedHat 7 support for Azure

    Subject says it, but newest Redhat version support for azure would be great.
  • Install PDB files during OpenEdge Installation

    • Under Review
    Whenever OpenEdge prowin32.exe or prowin.exe crashes, we’ll find a “protrace.<PID>” file in applications current folder (PID is the process ID of the crashe OpenEdge process). Inside “protrace.<PID>” is many cool...
  • Set dpiAware By OpenEdge Installer

    • Under Review
    High Resolution Displays are more and more standard in business application. Users like the sharp and bright view of icons and other graphical stuff. Most of them dislike small fonts. Therefore they “change the size for text, apps and other items”...
  • SonicMQ Adapter Enhanced Logging

    The sonicmq adapter logging for the server is insufficient. The broker has proper logging so you can set the number of logfiles, the size of the logfile, etc. However, for the server all you have is Log Filename, Logging Level and Append To LogFile. As...
  • Allow AD/LDAP authentication for OE Management

    Enhance OEM/OEE to along with default Fathom realm authentication to also allow LDAP/AD logins.
  • Allow adjustment of AdminService ports on installation

    When installing multiple OpenEdge versions on the same machine, they all use the same default port/adminport settings for the OpenEdge AdminService. To change these you have to manually adjust the $DLC\properties\ file....
  • LENGTH( rawValue) should default to LENGTH( rawValue, "RAW")

    • Under Review
    The subject line pretty much sums it up. It turns out that taking the LENGTH of a raw variable will give you different results, depending upon your code page. Is there a reason for this?
  • Proquiet for Workgroup

    • Under Review
    The differences between WorkGroup and Enterprise licenses are largely governed by the performance requirements of larger deployments. There once was a time when taking disk snapshots for backups was one of these requirements; you would only see it at...