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 OpenEdge Installation & Deployment

  • expose each and every OpenEdge IP port as product installation parameter

    Support defining each OpenEdge port as installation parameters, not just a subset. APs that have well-defined IP Port schemas by OpenEdge or application version, like to apply these port definition rules in order to secure against port conflicts and to...
  • provide an automatic installation configured by a parameter or configuration fil...

    Automatic installation by virtue of “silent install” and a “response” file is just a workaround for an automatic installation, that can be controlled by a configuration file (e. g. an xml file). Working with the response file syntax...
  • provide feature to create an .msi installer

    Provide the means to create a custom .msi file, which includes the AP’s 3 rd party products and OpenEdge products such as Client Networking. Being able to create your own .msi is preferred over providing a merge module.
  • provide an .msi Installer

    A number of customers and prospects standardize on corporate policies that require deploying at least the client machine installations using centralized Administration tools requiring the installers provided as .msi files.
  • Ease In-Place Progress Product updates

    Provide an installer which allows to update an installed OpenEdge product in-place, i. e. without the need to manually de-install and to re-apply the configuration. It should figure the installation details itself (i. g. DLC directory).
  • Reduce installation time of PDSOE

    Installation of PDSOE takes 30 mins. Reduce the size of PDSOE install in order to cut down installation time. Options such as JBoss, PASOE Dev Server might not be required. Allow to choose or opt out at installation time.
  • Reduce installation time of Service Packs

    In order to reduce installation time, provide dedicated “condensed” Service Packs for Client Networking, Classic AppServer, OpenEdge RDBMS, that just deploys the fixes needed for this OE application layer.
  • Service Pack Release notes should list products that require application of this...

    Enhance the Service Pack and HotFix Release Notes. It should include a kind of “related OpenEdge product and features” list. For example: “This Service Pack addresses issues of OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS, Auditing, Progress Developer...
  • Installation Webclient

    • Under Review
    Hi! I want an option so I can choose to install WebClient as current user even if I'm local admin on the computer. My customers change permisson now and then and then this option is very useful. Once the WebClient was installed as a local admin...
  • Command line ABLDoc

    There should be a CLI command for generating ABLDoc. According to documentation it's currently limited to either Eclipse or ANT. Having a generic command line program that can do this makes it easier to integrate whatever build system you might...