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Simple license update tool

It should be possible to update licenses without having to faff about installing on a different machine and then copying the cfg file across. 

A particular use case: We are testing 11.5 with a view to moving to it in production. We have been given a 30 day trial license. Unfortunately the 30 days are up and we're not even close to having the test environment running, let alone performing our testing to see if it works as expected in our scenario. So we have to obtain a new trial license from Progress. When that arrives we will have to install it on a new machine to obtain a valid cfg file for the server. 

In my very humble opinion this is an unnecessary step that should be easy to solve. 

Status update

The ability to create and download a progress.cfg file has been added to the Customer Self-Service Portal. Login here -

You can select the licenses you are looking for from previous orders and combine them together for a particular machine and version combination.

  • I know this idea is from a few months ago, but for anyone who doesn't know about the License Update tool in 11 yet, I believe it addresses this concern.  I used it last week and (once I figured out I wasn't supposed to REMOVE the product... ) it worked great!

  • The ability to download a progress.cfg file, from the license addenda produced when you place an order, is currently being built. This new feature will address this requirement.