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  • Certification/support for Windows Server 2012R2 fail-over clusters

    Support for Windows Server fail-over clusters goes up to Windows 2008R2. I've seen multiple requests in this community and from our customers to add support / certification for Windows Server 2012R2 clusters as well.
  • Location Parameter for Horizontal Partitioning

    • Under Review
    If we allow a default first parameter for horizontal partitions set as TENANT/SITE we can set a default value for this parameter, it will then allow us to get similar benefit as vertical partitioning while still being able to use horizontal partitioning...
  • Logical Scatter metric

    As per this discussion: Please add a metric for "logical scatter".
  • Multi-segment word index

    • Under Review
    Word indexes can not contain multiple fields. Change this to word indexing only allowed on the last segment (similar to abbrev). Use case, example on sports ; New table : ItemTranslation, translation table for item : Fields Itemnum LanguageCode...
  • Allow field extent change with drop/add field

    • Under Review
    Allow changing the extent of a database field without dropping the field. Preferably on-line, through fast off-line schema change if on-line not possible
  • Allow more data-type changes

    • Under Review
    It is currently possible to change the data-type of a field from int to int64 without dropping the field. Please add support for date -> datetime / datetime-tz int / int64 -> decimal anything -> character see also PugChallenge database...
  • Prolog online to reinsert the database startup section

    The database log file can in certain cases bloat quite quickly. As a result we truncate the log online from time to time. But we are still interested in the database startup section for various reasons, not least the ProTop uses it to identify a number...
  • add remote host capability to proadsv

    We have multiple admin server installs across many unix servers. At times the admin server (11.3.2) will hang. Others services like OEM and app servers can still be active. When this happens we will not get alerts from that server. We need to know when...
  • Allow DataServer tool to generate SQL statement to change field width.

    • Under Review
    I would like to just change the WIDTH for a field. I ran "Generate Delta.sql OpenEdge to ORACLE...". It does not generate SQL command to alter field width. To duplicate it, add the following lines to a Progress delta.df file (Note: repace {field...
  • ODBC/SQL: Allow dynamic, transactionally-safe sequence updates

    Sequences should be able to be updated to dynamic values in a transactionally-atomic manner (e.g. setting the current value to MIN(a, b)). Possible use-cases include using a self-join to find the first unused id and setting the index for other clients...