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  • Extend OEM alert watches beyond scheduled period

    • Under Review
    In our OEM standard installation, I have several schedules applied to a database over the course of a day - regular hours, backup period and 2 overnight periods (because schedules cannot cross midnight). An alert on busy DB activities was thrown at the...
  • Virtualisation best practices

    I'm missing documentation, whitepapers and best practices around virtualisation. Like it or not but big parts of large systems are running in virtual environments and VMWare, OpenStack, NetApp, 3PAR, SAN-solutions etc is very common in everything...
  • Option for probkup to remove target file before backing up

    On Windows, if the target backup file already exists, the backup can take a lot longer to complete. This is known, so we have to script for this by deleting the target file before backing up. It would be nice to remove this step with an optional parameter...
  • Make it easier to report on actual free space in a storage area

    Currently the information in VSTs doesn't show a true reflection of free space as blocks that previously had records in them that have been deleted are still reported in the used space. You can get the real ustilisation of a storage area from the...
  • Change field POSITION from SQL/resurrect the PRO_RPOS attribute

    The real-world problem here is that without the ability to change field POSITION, schema changes can't be reverted from SQL. If you delete a column from the middle of a table and re-add it, it's position will be different. That causes the CRC...
  • Password Policy Management Implementation directly at Openedge Database Level

    • Under Review
    In the context of different security audit point, the auditors are always pointing the following shortcoming : "when accessing directly the Openedge database, a password is required to authenticate the user but no password policy applies (for example...
  • Areas dedicated only for tables or indexes

    • Under Review
    We have tables and indexes separated in different areas. But unfortunately it is possible to accidentally add a table to an index area or an index to a table area. It would be nice if there is for example an area property that tells OpenEdge that only...
  • Allow database logging to be turned off

    db.lg contains information that has been deemed sensitive. Would like the ability to turn this off so that no information is put into db.lg.
  • Allow changing the physical database name

    • Under Review
    As of now the only support way I know to change the physical database name is via probkup / prorest. While this is a valid approach it consumes a lot of downtime on large database - up to some 20 hours on a 2 TB large database. Manually renaming all...
  • Allow character data type field to be initialized as GUID

    • Under Review
    I know there are other discussions about adding a GUID data type or other such methods to accomplish this. However, several applications have already been using a GUID and storing it in a character field. This idea would allow for a character field...