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  • Make offline and online backup to show same output.

    Probkup offline and online output different outputs. Could online backup gain those two lines in bold from offline backup? Offline backup: 0 BI blocks will be dumped. (6688) The blocksize is 8192. (6994) Backup requires an estimated 885.0...
  • Permit cross-platform database restore

    Restore of an OpenEdge database backup is currently only possible on the same platform (OS and hardware architecture) on which the backup was taken, e.g. from Windows to Windows, Linux x64 to Linux x64, Linux PPC to Linux PPC, etc. Enhancement request...
  • Add functionality to run script before db start

    We often have a situation where we identify some maintenance that needs to be done on a database that is offline. The problem is that often the person who ends up doing the database restart isn't someone who would know what they are doing to perform...
  • Provide index cursor statistics in VSTs or promon

    • Under Review
    Although the 4GL client provides various logging options to record the creation and deletion of dynamic objects, we are finding in certain circumstances that it is very difficult to identify which specific client might be responsible for non-reproducible...
  • SQL Role: DataReader

    Currently it's very painful to grant read rights to all tables (now and in the future) for individual users. It's not possible and needs to be refreshed if new tables are added. It would be great to have a role DataReader which can be applied...
  • Improved database authentication (primarily Active Directory and LDAP)

    • Under Review
    The lack of network authentication to the backend is a significant hole in the current database product, especially at scale. Other major databases generally allow for database authentication via Active Directory or LDAP (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, etc.). Advantages...
  • Falback code page in jdbc driver to handle databases with corruption

    • Under Review
    Hello, regarding issue it would be highly desireable to have an option for the jdbc driver to be able to provide a fallback codepage so that if a character does not work it doesn't just...
  • Provide more information in database lg file when Corporate scanning tool connects...

    • Under Review
    Clarifying Information Qualys Corporate Vulnerability Scan is being run against the database. Port scanner is scanning the database listener port. Clients are not being disconnected. Database is not being abnormally shut down. Error in log...
  • Allow AI archiver to trip aged files.

    • Under Review
    AI archiver stores or archives closed AI files. Adding a function to allow the archiver to remove out dated or aged files will be useful. Without this function something must be put in place to further move or remove files or run out of storage.
  • Online create index

    • Coming Soon
    The online create index in concurrent operations fails with "Failure to acquire exclusive schema lock for DDL operation. (7872)" error. Ok, it is possible to create inactive indexes for an online database however, this is not really workable...