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  • Add nap "buckets" to _Latch VST

    Add some "buckets" to the nap data in the _Latch VST so that we can determine how often the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and maximum nap levels take place. As I understand the current algorithm the 1st nap is set by -nap, the 2nd nap is -nap * 2, the...
  • nap parameters in nanoseconds

    Add new startup paramaters -nanonap and -nanonapmax to specify the "nap" and "napmax" values in nanoseconds. If specified these parameters should supercede the current millisecond based -nap & -napmax startup values.
  • Automatically enable large files

    • Under Review
    Enabling large files should be a standard behavior when creating a new database with f.e. prostrct create. Now you have to do this in a separate step, which is often forgotten.
  • Add a option to the OEM console to connect to an offline remote admin server

    • Under Review
    Currently when a remote admin server is off line on the console screen. The customer is required to shut down the OEM admin server and re-start it. After the OEM restart the problem remote admin server may be on line. There have been times when one or...
  • Reinstate handling of error stack returned from Oracle database (Data server for...

    • Under Review
    When using OE RDBMS, OE Data Server for Oracle and OE Client Networking (with data server broker) -- our progress application cannot handle the full stack of error messages coming back from Oracle. It would seem that since v10, only the top level error...
  • Native Support for popular 3rd party High-Availability and Backup solutions

    Provide support for popular 3 rd party tools administration solutions. In particular on Windows Servers and in virtualized environments there are a couple of popular 3 rd party solutions such as Veeam and Zerto Backup. Some of these employ the MS Volume...
  • Add best-practices documentation wrt to identifying and fixing index corruption

    Provide a white paper or a documentation paragraph about how to best tackle index corruption. How to identify corruption and which approach and tools to apply for each particular corruption type.
  • diagnostic/recovery option added for remote admin servers to the OEM application

    • Under Review
    Admin server Log file information is needed to have OEM provide better hints as to why an adminserver is offline or failing to connect.
  • Avoid large log files

    Database log files often grow very large. Analysis inside a text or log-file editor is not so handy. I suggest you to manage database log files in a more conveniently way. A very basic enhancement would be the definition of a threshold size (just like...
  • Copy DB and schema

    No idea if this is something that others would want, but currently I need to copy a database and its schema and it would be a lot easier if I could do this with a simple procopy style command.