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  • Real database backup file compression

    We now are using 3th party software to compress the database backup file. First we have to wait until the backup is completed. The backup file is already using disk space. After completion we start the compression. Which also takes time and disk space...
  • Add nap "buckets" to _Latch VST

    Add some "buckets" to the nap data in the _Latch VST so that we can determine how often the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and maximum nap levels take place. As I understand the current algorithm the 1st nap is set by -nap, the 2nd nap is -nap * 2, the...
  • nap parameters in nanoseconds

    Add new startup paramaters -nanonap and -nanonapmax to specify the "nap" and "napmax" values in nanoseconds. If specified these parameters should supercede the current millisecond based -nap & -napmax startup values.
  • Automatically enable large files

    Enabling large files should be a standard behavior when creating a new database with f.e. prostrct create. Now you have to do this in a separate step, which is often forgotten.
  • Add a option to the OEM console to connect to an offline remote admin server

    • Under Review
    Currently when a remote admin server is off line on the console screen. The customer is required to shut down the OEM admin server and re-start it. After the OEM restart the problem remote admin server may be on line. There have been times when one or...
  • Reinstate handling of error stack returned from Oracle database (Data server for...

    • Under Review
    When using OE RDBMS, OE Data Server for Oracle and OE Client Networking (with data server broker) -- our progress application cannot handle the full stack of error messages coming back from Oracle. It would seem that since v10, only the top level error...
  • Native Support for popular 3rd party High-Availability and Backup solutions

    Provide support for popular 3 rd party tools administration solutions. In particular on Windows Servers and in virtualized environments there are a couple of popular 3 rd party solutions such as Veeam and Zerto Backup. Some of these employ the MS Volume...
  • Add best-practices documentation wrt to identifying and fixing index corruption

    Provide a white paper or a documentation paragraph about how to best tackle index corruption. How to identify corruption and which approach and tools to apply for each particular corruption type.
  • diagnostic/recovery option added for remote admin servers to the OEM application

    • Under Review
    Admin server Log file information is needed to have OEM provide better hints as to why an adminserver is offline or failing to connect.
  • Avoid large log files

    Database log files often grow very large. Analysis inside a text or log-file editor is not so handy. I suggest you to manage database log files in a more conveniently way. A very basic enhancement would be the definition of a threshold size (just like...