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VST field for DB server hostname

It would be helpful to have a VST field, perhaps in _dbstatus, to store the DB server hostname (same value that is in the database lock file).

The use-case is in on-premise application copy-protection, being able to compare the actual hostname to an authorized hostname, read from an encrypted license file.  If the client copied the application and database from authorized_server to unauthorized_server, the application could detect that change and refuse to run.

  • client can be connected to more than one database. maybe a 4GL function similar to LDBNAME that returns the hostname would be better. for example, DBHOST (  ).

  • Gus,

    Yes, I recognize that a client can be connected to more than one database.  My most common deployment model is with two databases per environment.  So what you say is true of other information in the VSTs and I would handle it in the same way: iterate over the connected databases, setting the DICTDB alias and reading the data.  Yes, a 4GL function for the hostname could work, but so too could a VST field.