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Virtualisation best practices

I'm missing documentation, whitepapers and best practices around virtualisation. Like it or not but big parts of large systems are running in virtual environments and VMWare, OpenStack, NetApp, 3PAR, SAN-solutions etc is very common in everything from small to gigantic systems and the options are numerous: from public cloud offerings like Amazon EC2 to private solutions locked in to large colocation and VPS providers. 

Progress needs to improve support and documentation around running its systems and perhaps specifically the database in such environments. 

I think disregarding the virtualisation (and with that "the cloud") for core products like the database might be fatal!

  • I noticed this post as I was looking for a Best Practice whitepaper for Progress (brand new customer) and wanted to point out that VMware recenlty updated their best practice guide for SQL Server, which would have some similarities with Progress.

    I add new PVSCSI controllers for each HD for SQL-Data, SQL-Logs, and the SQL APP/OS.  I attach VMDKS from different LUN's to reduce storage contention, and also enable best performance on each VM host.  I also change Windows performance from "balanced" to "performance".  

  • I also enable the "Hot Add" feature for both Memory and CPU for the VM hosting the Progress DB.