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Permit cross-platform database restore

Restore of an OpenEdge database backup is currently only possible on the same platform (OS and hardware architecture) on which the backup was taken, e.g. from Windows to Windows, Linux x64 to Linux x64, Linux PPC to Linux PPC, etc.

Enhancement request: eliminate the restriction, permitting a backup from any platform to be restored on any platform.  This would allow platform migrations to be completed without a dump & load.

  • Our dba told me that when PA-RISC platform support (for HPUX) was removed,  Progress had given us some kind of a conversion script to make the database compatible with Itanium (IA64 HPUX).  Supposedly the conversion was instantaneous and involved no backup/restore or even dump/reload.  Is this possible?  I google'd the heck out of it and can't find a reference, although there are plenty of KB's that contradict the story.

    If true, this indicates that if the need is great, Progress is able to hack at the data and simply cross-platform migrations.

  • OK, here is more on the PA-RISC to IA64 migration.  There are two KB articles that directly reference this migration and directly contradict one another:

    So assuming that our dba was at least correct as-of the time we made the migration, it proves that Progress is theoretically able to facilitate these platform changes when they need to.  I imagine a lot of PA-RISC customers were complaining about the prospects of a dump/reload (especially when it would have been as a result of the Progress decision to stop supporting that chipset).