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OE installation : add version indication to shortcuts & proenv

Not database related but it's the only OpenEdge idea forum left so I post this here. My excuse is that It is useful on a windows database server.

Following enhancements are very small but useful when multiple versions are installed on the same server :

Add a version to all shortcuts

"Client 11.3" instead of "Client"

"Proenv 11.3" instead of "Proenv"

I currently have 3 versions installed (10.2B, 11.2 & 11.3). 

Without this change it is very difficult to see which version will be started.

Restore normal prompt & add version in proenv

Default proenv prompt erase the normal OS prompt showing the current directory. It does not show the current version

A very small change to proenv.bat fixes this

if x%1 == xpsc prompt oe113 $p$g

  • Both are great ideas.  I always change my shortcuts manually after installation as you do, and it's a pain.  But when you have multiple versions installed it makes life much better in Windows.