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Log should create after successful .df file load

Hi All,

I am just working with one customer and really like the idea towards enhancing the log captured mechanism during DF logs. We only have .e files created when there is error in DF load. Customer wants to see log messages as well when after every succesful DF load.


During the df load through putty, they faced some network interruption. So they had no clue what happened to the DB schema (whether newly df got added or not?). Hence they are thinking if OE has such log capturing mechanins which not only alerts about errors but also captures success info.


In DF if I have 10 new tables, 10 field format changes and 10 index changes, 5 new index addition, then in this scenario after I start DF load, one log should get created with contents like "10 new tables added, 10 field format changes completed and 10 index changes completed, 5 new index added.


1) Is this possible?
2) If yes, will it be implemented in next release? Can it possible to ported back to existing OE release?
3) What is the general time fram when this will be implemented?
4) How I will track this request?

Sorry for more questions



  • DB log also is the best option to capture this information, it will also be good to know when my DB schema changes...instead of just single user login message.