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Istio/Envoy support for OpenEdge database connections

When starting to use docker and microservices a lot of complexities start popping up that are very heard to fix. Istio solves many of these (canary testing, getting insights into your application/backpressure,...) 

One of the key components of Istio is the Envoy proxy. For communication to the PASOE all traffic can go through Istio already and you will get the advantages of Istio out of the box. However for the outbound traffic from the docker containers running PASOE to the OpenEdge database, you'd really want to go through Envoy as well and that way get insights into the database activity that each container causes.

Are there any plans to add support for the OpenEdge database wire protocol to Envoy? 

[Submitted by jankeir on 16-Oct-2018, and moved from OpenEdge CVP group]