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Create a Database browser similar to SQLServer Management Studio

There's datadigger indeed, but shouldn't Progress come with such a program? I've worked for 6 years with SQLServer Management Studio and I think such a thing should be included in every serious database software packet. 

The Data Dictionary is kind of a joke, you can't even re-size the damn thing. A real database browser like MSSQLServer Management Studio would be great. It could come with profiling, analyzing, reporting, ... tools and great usability.

  • I would imagine more serious consideration would be given to a request such as this without inflammatory comments such as "The Data Dictionary is kind of a joke".  There are stand alone programs to analyse and report that can be found in the OE hive and promon R&D.

  • Sorry Jason Donaldson, but it is kind of a joke if you've worked 6 years with Sql Server Management Studio. Check it out for yourself. Even free database engines come with a Database browser that is 10 years ahead of what the Data Dictionary has to offer. I really am baffled that people like you don't see this. I am not here to make fun out of OpenEdge, I would just like to have fun with the technology I'm using to do my work. And using the Data Dictionary is no fun. Look, I'm not about to start a discussion here about fun, and maybe I'm not rhetoric enough to win such a discussion. I can only compare things with each other, and I really would like OpenEdge to do an effort of making a serious Database Browser. It's not open source, there's a license cost, so it should come up itself with some great tools.

  • I couldn't agree more that such a tool is needed.

  • There are some nice features in DB Navigator in Developer Studio but for most tasks I still use Data Dictionary. I would love to see an updated Data Dictionary which would include features from DB Navigator (like data view/edit), Data Administration (dump/load etc.), Promon and other command line utilities (prostrct, proutil etc).