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  • Avoid large log files

    Database log files often grow very large. Analysis inside a text or log-file editor is not so handy. I suggest you to manage database log files in a more conveniently way. A very basic enhancement would be the definition of a threshold size (just like...
  • Copy DB and schema

    No idea if this is something that others would want, but currently I need to copy a database and its schema and it would be a lot easier if I could do this with a simple procopy style command.
  • Log should create after successful .df file load

    Hi All, I am just working with one customer and really like the idea towards enhancing the log captured mechanism during DF logs. We only have .e files created when there is error in DF load. Customer wants to see log messages as well when after every...
  • VST field for DB server hostname

    It would be helpful to have a VST field, perhaps in _dbstatus, to store the DB server hostname (same value that is in the database lock file). The use-case is in on-premise application copy-protection, being able to compare the actual hostname to an...
  • Log threshold for adminserver logs

    So that we would not need to manually make some scripts which are cleaning up the adminserver log, Progress should add the threshold for Progress adminserver logs. Similar funtionality is available for appserver but it should be a standard method for...
  • fast schema change, separate "initial" value for existing records

    • Under Review
    Add an extra "initial" value to _field, the initial value for existing records . Currently there is no way to distinguish between the initial value a field should have and the initial value that is assigned to existing record. Certain changes...
  • Automatic Background Db Maintenance

    • Under Review
    I'm asking for is a background or in-server monitoring process that'll check for and clean up performance issues on its own when the server has a sufficient number of spare cycles. This is spurred in part by being encountering conditions where...
  • Add rowversion functionality

    • Under Review
    Hi, Many of our customers do ETL on our databases. In order to optimize/minimize the number of records loaded and scanned, it would be handy to have a field in each table that gets updated on every change. We could add a timestamp field and modify it...
  • Back up and restore per area

    When doing f.e. maintenance on one area in a large database (view TB's), I need to back up the whole database. To backup only the area that I going to maintain saves time and disk space. Also in case of corruption in one area, I need to restore the...
  • Make table partitioning work with multi tenancy

    As our databases are multi-tenant, we can't make use of the table partitioning features. So I think it would make sense if table partitioning can be applied to multi-tenant tables.