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 OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input

  • Improve Insert Performance for SQL Engine

    Performance of the SQL engine has improved over the last few releases. However, specifically INSERT functionality still lacks in performance. Can you improve the performance of the INSERT statement with the SQL engine.
  • Add additional DB utilities to OEM

    Today there are quite a few functions in the Data Admin utility that are not in OE Explorer or OE Management. You have to go to the Data Admin utility to do some functions and then go to OEE / OEM to perform newer fuctions. OEE should include the functionality...
  • Allow restart of Replication agent

    Currently you cannot restart the target agent without shutting down the target database and restarting it. We need the ability to stop and restart the agent while the target database remains up and running. One reason for this is that the clients that...
  • Refer to Top Voted Ideas as list of most wanted changes

    Instead of copy/pasting ideas, and having people vote again, why not use the existing list of Top Voted ideas available here:
  • Add ability to have classes subscribe to named events

  • Ability to target previous OE versions in PDSOE

  • Complete OO functionality in ABL

    See for more info.
  • database backup online with compression

    • Under Review
    The ability to compress the database backupfile during online backup. Currently i have scripted it to compress after the backup completes, however that requires lot's of available diskspace. with 7z it is possible to compress the backupfile to about...
  • TimeQuery - Bad query / good query

    • Under Review
    The idea is to test the performance of your query while developing. I.S.O. Shift-F2, use Shift-Q. TimeQuery(dynamic query, or static query) returned value must be in seconds.
  • Distinguish STOP condition from STOP-AFTER

    Maybe for the Progress runtime STOP and STOP-AFTER are related conditions, for the application they are not. STOP-AFTER may be a desired time-out to protect the used from running insane queries STOP typically indicates a serious system issue or an installation...