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 OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input

  • Boxing/unboxing of ABL datatypes to/from Progress.Lang.Object

    Currently only .NET compatible ABL datatypes can be boxed to System.Object. It would be usefull if ALL ABL datatypes could be boxed to Progress.Lang.Object. That way generic properties like Tag or Value could be made that can return any type (similar...
  • ABL DECIMAL() function to be extended to support Scientific Notation

    • Under Review
    I would like to see the DECIMAL function extended to be able to handle Scientific Notation. I am importing XML files which are created by Microsoft Excel by 3rd party source. Currently I have a custom function to handle the conversion but it would be...
  • PDSOE - Usability improvements for Propath file search tool

    In Progress Developer Studio there is a tool called Propath Search or Propath File Search. Which is, by the way, very usefull feature. I have couple of suggestions that would enhance the usability of it and would make it faster to use. 1. When the Propath...
  • DB: Provide feedback during crash recovery

    • Under Review
    Going through crash recovery with a large bi is painful. It's even more painful to have to tell the customer : "I have no clue whatsoever how long this is going to take." 1. add some info about the amount of work CR has to do 2. add...
  • PDSOE/Compiler support for .nobuild option per folder (not via .propath)

    PDSOE currently allows developers to exclude certain resources (folder, files) from being built. This information is stored in the project's .propath file. This works well but means that a developer must use a project as a complete unit - they can't...
  • Use different icons for different products

    • Complete
    Its very confusing that PDSOE, prowin, show config, etc. have the same icon.
  • Export & Import of AdminServer configuration via the OpenEdge Explorer Web I...

    • Under Review
    To be able to create a backup configuration of the AdminServer current configuration. This could be handy to when rolling out a new Progress install/upgrade, rather then copying the properties files.
  • Ability to use unnamed array as parameter

    Currently you need to create a variable of type EXTENT to be able to pass an array to a method/procedure that expects an array. You should be able to do this without creating a variable first, by just passing in the array as a list of values between square...
  • AREA support for incremental df

    • Under Review
    Incremental df has no support for areas, this result in a huge incredump.e if incremental df is used between 2 databases with different area structure. Because the file is so large, it is no longer checked and other issues could get through unnoticed...
  • 32&64bit windows as single install

    • Under Review
    Would be really nice to have a common install with both 32 and 64. Single target directory. Shared properties files. Single OE Dev studio, that can support development of both 32 and 64 bit projects in same Workspace Single admin server, that...