In Progress Developer Studio there is a tool called Propath Search or Propath File Search. Which is, by the way, very usefull feature. I have couple of suggestions that would enhance the usability of it and would make it faster to use.

1. When the Propath search window is opened, the focus should be in the input field ("Search for file" field), so user can write or paste the file name directly into it without positioning the focus/cursor into it first.
2. Leaving from the input field using TAB could launch the search.
3. If file is found, the first row should be selected automatically (althought there will be several rows). I think the first one is the one we usually want to open.
4. When the file (row) is selected, pressing ENTER should open the file. (Now the close button is default and when I have selected the row, pressing enter closes the window).

I think everyone can agree at least with the first one, but hopefully with 2 to 4 also.

Well, this is quite a minor change but it would improve the usability of this Propath file search tool a lot making it faster to use. And this should be easy and quick to implement :)