I logged a tech support call (Case 00404475) about PASOE log files not rolling with the logfilesize, and was pointed to kbase number 000068110 about how it has not been implemented yet, but when it does it will be date based.

The work around is to use tcman clean -A to roll the files.

Using tcman clean -A to roll a PAS log file, creates a directory in MM-DD-YYYY-ss format !!!!

Can the logs be formatted in a standard format that is sortable and going to be unique ... Month-Day-Year-SECOND is not guaranteed to be unique, and has already failed for me in our dev environment.

How about changing it to something like YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS.

All other files in the directory are in YYY-MM-DD format, but we would like to roll files on a more frequent basis than daily (as the pas.agent.log file can get really big really quickly, especially in a dev environment)  .. and I've already had a cron job fire at different hours in the day at the same second, causing logs to be overwritten.