Significant benefits will be provided if the above can be delivered, it means that we will be able to build automated tests that could run every night to improve the quality and reliability of our code. The other spin off of this is we could provide the information to our customers and they could significantly reduce the time they take to test and therefore keep more upto date with releases, also meaning we could keep more upto date with Progress Platforms :-)

To be able to use standard CodedUI tools (Microsoft Visual Studio Test Recorder), efficiently every screen element requires a unique id that is visible to the testing tool. Currently this is not the case – all Openedge controls appear with a controlID of “0” to the test recorder. .NET Controls hosted within the Openedge Window display a control ID correctly to the CodedUI tool, and are thus readily controlled.

We logged a support call to enquire about if there was anything we can do to alleviate this problem (00360752), where we tried enabling use Widget ID’s, to no avail.

Therefore we would like all Openedge widgets to support MSAA (at least partially – enough to return a unique ControlID ) for use with Coded UI tools.