Database log file reports this error: (10344) SYSTEM ERROR: rllktxe: Attempting to acquire txe 1 while holding buffer locks in Key Add Op.  Kbase lists the steps to correct but the issue is with the time it takes to run the idxcheck on the ENTIRE database.  If the reported error message could include the table name of the buffer locked it would allow the idxcheck to be run on those tables allowing the system to be brought back online quickly.  If the table name isn't possible maybe the area number or some other morsel of information could be provided to help narrow down the issue alleviating the need to run idxcheck for the entire database.

Case 00433662 has additional details but it took 10+ hours for the idxcheck to complete and then it took two minutes for the idxfix routine to run once the index / table was identified.  If the error report listed the table(s) in question the idxfix could have been run and the database back on-line in less than ten minutes instead of being down for 10+ hours.