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ANNOUNCEMENT - December 9, 2019

Ideas (product feature enhancements) for the following products can now be made in the Ideas Portal launched on December 9, 2019:

All existing open Ideas in this Community (submitter and date submitted, name, description and votes) have been imported into the new Ideas Portal. The Progress Communities Ideas forums for these products have been set to read-only.

Please use the new Ideas Portal to enter new ideas, and to review, comment and vote on existing ideas. If you submit a new idea or subscribe to an existing idea, you will receive email updates on any public comments and significant status changes made to the idea, to help keep you informed. You can unsubscribe at any time.

 OpenEdge Development

OpenEdge Development
  • Dark Mode for PDSOE

    This is purely an aesthetic suggestion, but I think it would be great to have a Dark Mode option for PDSOE. It's very common in most applications and websites to provide. Apologies if this is already an option.
  • dynamic buffer-field method: do not throw errors when just getting the handle

    define temp-table tt field cc1 as char . def var hb as handle. hb = temp-table tt:default-buffer-handle. /* this should be sufficient, but when buffer-field does not exist, error 7351 is thrown */ assign hb::cc1 = "one" when valid-handle...
  • dynamic find method: do not throw error when record does not exist

    define temp-table tt field cc as char. def var hb as handle. hb = temp-table tt:default-buffer-handle. /* should be sufficient, but is not due to error 565 ... */ if hb:find-first( 'where cc > ""' ) then do: /* something */ end...
  • PDSOE show (protrace) information from crashed session

    • Under Review
    A session you run/debug a Progress application crashes no information about the crash is shown, other than the Terminated on the debug view Please provide extra info about the crash. I think it would be low-hanging...
  • ABL to invoke Corticon 6

    ABL was able to invoke Corticon till 5.7.2 but Corticon 6.x. The Soap service was removed and hence cannot be used anymore. We heavily use ABL to Corticon and need a ABL library to continue using that.
  • PDSOE Debugger : step-into-method command

    • Under Review
    When debugging OOABL I frequently need to step into a method but without stepping through the code of the getters / methods / functions that are supplied as parameters to the method. It would make debugging a lot easier if there was a step-into-method...
  • Use OOABL class as startup procedure / add support for Main() method in OOABL cl...

    OOABL classes should support a Main(INPUT args AS CHARACTER) method, like Java and C# / .NET have. Specifying the classname as startup procedure (-p parameter) should instantiate that class and invoke Main(). -param startup parameter should be mapped...
  • DueDate in BPM to be DateTimeTZ instead DateTime

    BPM Task:DueDate should be of type DateTimeTZ instead of just DateTime. Without the TZ reference, the DueDate is pretty useless to the client, unless the client knows where the BPM server is located, what TZ is BPM defaulting to.
  • Support for Slow Hashing Algorithms

    Hi OpenEdge I think native support for slow hashing algorithms such as BCRYPT and CCRYPT would be useful in OE as at the moment the only way to implement these in the ABL is via 3rd party libraries or .NET etc. The existing fast hashing algorithms...
  • PDSOE: Multiple AVM's per project

    PDSOE is largely not, or very slowly, responding during build. Please add an option to start multiple AVM's for the same project. One AVM could be dedicated to the UI and one (or more) could execute the background progress such as a full build ...