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  • Statistics from compile in COMPILER handle

    • Under Review
    Would be nice to get some basic statistics for each compiler command ran in the COMPILER handle-something like lines/chars compiled, elapsed time of code compile and r-code output, bytes written to r-code file, etc. What I'm trying to do here is...
  • Implement a session:first-client-principal attribute

    • Under Review
    We have a process in place to check for memory leaks on a Progress Application Server. The primarily uses the code from article: However in recent testing we found a memory leak on an application...
  • Allow overriding single accessor properties with multiple accessors

    This proposal is similar to the one proposed for C#, and is also not possible in ABL
  • JSON objects need more help with numbers and (some) strings

    JSON does not have any numberic types other than "number". Nor does it have dates (values must be stringified). The GetType(<property-name>) method returns a NUMBER value but that could refer to INT, INT64 or DECIMAL values. The ABL...
  • Create ABL.Net sample code for Telerik .Net components

    • Under Review
    Progress supplies both OpenEdge ABL and Telerik Winforms controls. Historically all sample code is in C#. Some controls behave different when linked to a Probindingsource instead of a .Net bindingsources. It would be a great help is Progress would...
  • LOOKUP method on array (extent)

    Provide a LOOKUP implementation to find the occurence of an item in an extent, much like the existing LOOKUP function to find a string in an expression. See If generics...
  • Include empty tables in the output of WRITE-JSON and WRITE-XML on a dataset

    • Under Review
    When writing a dasaset with empty tables to JSON or XML, there are omitted. I have a dataset, that I want to serialize to JSON. Here is a simplified definition: define temp-table ttMain no-undo serialize-name 'main':U field Id as character...
  • Add Progress support for STARTTLS

    We are looking to send email via Office 365, however we are unable to send email via SMTP authentication as Progress doesn’t support STARTTLS. Is this something we can request for a future version and is this something you may be aware of already...
  • REST Out support

    Provide wizards and/or ABL objects/methods to facilitate REST OUT support.
  • Support remote method invocation of ABL AppServer (both classic and PASOE) object...

    Remote Method invocation: Support calling object methods on an appserver by a client. (similar to: run internal procedure of persistent procedure in Appserver-Handle).