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  • proxygen dotnet (.net) core dlls

    • Under Review
    Similar to: We would like dotnet core version 2.0 of the proxygen generated .net dlls including Progress.Messages.dll and Progress.o4glrt.dll.
  • Method ADD-FIELDS-FROM should trim space characters from except-list expression

    Problem: Method ADD-FIELDS-FROM truncates all the fields after 1st space character is encountered between comma delimited except-list expression. Related post: Proposed...
  • SNI support for HTTP client

    • Under Review
    We wanted to use the ABL HTTP client for web requests, but right now it does not support SNI for secure communication. Since pretty much everything is HTTPS these days we can't use the HTTP client. As of OE 11.7.1, it looks like all we need is...
  • "Extract interface" functionality in PDSOE

    It would be very useful to have an "Extract interface" functionality in the PDSOE Source context menu.
  • unavailable-no-error option on find / dynamic-find

    • Under Review
    In our application when a developer codes a find ... no-error or find-xxx() no-error. The intention is almost always that unavailable should not throw an error. Everything else such as error 7254 or errors about mall formed where clauses should throw...
  • Buffer-Object-Handle FIND-FIRST, FIRST-LAST Where Condition equals ?

    Hello, The buffer object handle methods FIND-FIRST and FIND-LAST should return no result or throw an error if the where condition equals to ?. When dynamically creating a where condition it is possible, that a String operation can result in ? if the...
  • Add a way to globally "catch" all errors in batch mode

    • Under Review
    At the moment there is no way to catch all errors in code when running in batch mode. It is only possible to pipe the errors to a file. This is problematic since errors go unnoticed unitl someone looks at the logfile. It would be great to have some kind...
  • -rereadnolock to be honoured by ROWID finds

    The -rereadnolock parameter is ignored when you find a record by ROWID. This behaviour is bordering on a bug, and certainly gives rise to bugs in applications where this is not expected. This needs fixing.
  • Enhance compiling skills of the Developer Studio concerning procedure parameters

    • Under Review
    The compiler doesn't check if the arguments passed to a procedure in a RUN statement meet the definition of the procedure file. You don't get a compile time error, you get a runtime error. If Strg+H didn't exist, the development environment...
  • Enhance compiling skills of the Developer Studio when changing a file

    • Under Review
    As soon as a file changes, all files that depend on that file should be compiled. If Strg+H didn't exist, the development environment would be unbearable.