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  • Operator overloading

    Add the ability to overload operators like < and > to be able to compare two object. Now the handle value seems to be used when using < or >, which is useless. See discussion:
  • Dynamically set extent size of indeterminate extent through reflection

    • Under Review
    You can use reflection to dynamically set property values in an object with Progress.Reflect.Property:Set(<instance>,<value>). Unfortunately this is not possible for a property defined as an extent which still has a indeterminate size. It...

    • Under Review
    OS-APPEND, OS-COMMAND, OS-COPY, OS-CREATE-DIR & OS-DELETE take literal constants as parameters. e.g. OS-COPY c:\temp\1.txt c:\temp2.txt. To send parameters as variables you have to use the VALUE keyword: e.g. OS-COPY VALUE(vFile1) VALUE(vFile2...
  • Override a property in PDSOE (OOABL)

    • Under Review
    With the OOABL, we can easily override a method of an inherited class. We can't do that with properties. Without this feature, we always have to find other solutions with C# ... Thanks !
  • Option to set the cookie flags in PASOE for REST

    It is now possible to map a output parameter to a cookie but it is not possible to do something with the cookie flags. See for information about cookie flags at rfc6265 on This is needed for security e.q. httpOnly...
  • Dump CLOB/BLOB with same file-names

    Every time a table containing a CLOB and/or BLOB field is dumped, the file of the dumped LOB field has a different name. For source-control this changes all the files with every dump. It makes it almost impossible to track the real changes. See LOB...
  • buffer-field:position isn't necessarily correct

    Consider the code below: do i = 1 to bh:num-fields: message i bh:buffer-field(i):position - 1 view-as alert-box info buttons yes-no update ok as log. if not ok then return. end. In a situation where a field has been deleted from the table...
  • Improve ABL sockets to support client-side certificate authentication

    It would be great to make ABL socket to support client-side certificate authentication also known as mutual authentication ( ). This would add possibility to use Progress http client (OE.Net library...
  • APMT needs to detect conflicts

    The Audit Policy Maintenance Tool needs to be enhanced to detect conflicts where multiple policies apply auditing to a table and use differing values.
  • OE Integration with Corticon to make in-process calls

    • Under Review
    Currently, OpenEdge makes webservice calls to Corticon. This is acceptable in normal scenarios, but in case of high volume transactions we don't want to do XML serialization and de-serialization. Can we support OpenEdge to make in-process calls...