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  • Allow Port Scanning

    I have a client that runs Port scanning, And the appservers fail because of this, and provide this error PROGRESS Appserver network protocol mismatch (5565) and after checking the knowledgebase, it is a known issue with port scanning. I created a...
  • Use debug listing files from PDS debugger

    The legacy debugger allows debugging sessions with debug listing files -- instead of the full source code -- which is really useful when the project is made of multiple subprojects, with long propath, and overridden include files in specific subprojects...
  • PDSOE - Recompile errorred files

    • Complete
    Consider the following: Project has 10000 resources (i.e. .cls, .p, .w, .i files) . 20 of those files have a compile errors for some reason. Say a propath entry was missing or there was a problem in an include file, or a .net assembly. Once I fix...
  • ABL .net - Support for WPF Forms

    • Under Review
    Currently in OE10 and OE 11, an ABL Form inherits from Progress.Windows.Form. Progress.Windows.Form inherits from System.Windows.Forms.Form (WinForm). It adds IForm properties (ProWinHandle, NextForm, PrevForm) to allow for some interoperability with...
  • ABL Datatype - GUID

    • Under Review
    We talked about a GUID data type as part of the Progress Exchange 2014 "InfoExchange" session. The use case was for when we want to uniquely identify a record with a unique id that is beyond the database level (i.e. global). Instead of identifying...
  • Make PDSOE scratchpad respect the Eclipse workspace's default text file enco...

    Currently the scratchpad encodes its files in the host JVM's default text file encoding & not the workspaces one. This is particularly nasty because the scratchpad view does seem to render in the workspace's default. e.g. If JVM default...
  • Autocompletion : multiple select on temp-tables / database fields / ...

    • Under Review
    Possibility to select more than one field at a time with the autocompletion box, eg when assigning some fields in a temp-table . similar to the seelct fields possibility in the procedure editor
  • ABL: Allow default error handler to replace Progress default dialog

    • Under Review
    Background info: We use an error dialog form that has extra info about and provides the user with the ability to report the error by mail. Uncaught errors cause the ABL to display a default dialog box. This has a few disadvantages : The dialog...
  • Add Eclipse IFileTaskScanner for OE files (.p, .cls, .i, .w, etc)

    Currently Eclipse only supports scanning for Task tags in a predefined set of file types. I would like Progress to add a plugin implementing the IFileTaskScanner interface to have this also work for OE files. This functionality allows automatic task...
  • ABL Scratchpad - editor preferences

    • Complete
    It would be nice to see some of the editor preferences (background color, text font, etc) carry over to the ABL Scratchpad editor. For example, if I go with a darker background, I'd like that to also apply to the ABL Scratchpad.