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  • Extend TABLE-SCAN support to dynamic queries

    TABLE-SCAN is currently only available for static FOR EACH statements, not for dynamic queries. Extending the support for TABLE-SCAN to dynamic queries would be a useful feature. See discussion at
  • OpenEdge Architect - OpenEdge Customaization Options

    • Under Review
    Possibility to add External directory to the Propath of an OpenEdge Custom Project. Now it's only possible to add the directories that you've put in the Folder Layout of this Custom Project. I create my projects always with the same structure...
  • .NET Core Linux

    At this moment there is no support for .NET objects on the Linux platform - You can only use .NET objects on a Windows platform. (14693) The AppServer is a great product and certainly with the arrival of PAS but there is still missing some functionalities...

    Sometimes you are not interested in the OUTPUT parameter of a procedure. Now you need to create a dummy variable to store the output. It would be useful to be able to write the following (or something similar) RUN MyProc(a, b, OUTPUT VOID).
  • ProxyGen.exe to set the “Copyright” field to the generated .dll’s Details.

    We would like there to be a way for ProxyGen.exe to set the “Copyright” field to the generated .dll’s Details automatically.
  • Custom-shape buttons with hovercolor in OpenEdge

    Dear Sir/Madam, In our (very large) OpenEdge application we have made toolbar's with 'custom-buttons', see image We created such a button, not with the'Button' widget, but with the 'Rectangle' Widget and an image widget...
  • Color Coding for table field

    Good afternoon. When writing code, we rarely use the full database class hierarchy as <db-name>.<Table-name>.<Table-field>. usually we write only <table-field>. After the transition to the Progress Developer Studio, we were found...
  • CHUI dynamic browses

    • Under Review
    I'm surprised this isn't in here, but true dynamic browses would be really wonderful I don't think I need to justify this-we use chui, and we would like to see the same basic functionality in chui as we see in gui. Being able to build browses...
  • Field Lookups

    Field lookups for form fields. Form fields with lookups will have a lookup button which will launch a modal grid window and allow them to search and select a field value. The lookup options like data source, columns, page size, filtering etc. could...
  • SQL-Statement generated from FOR <buffer> should contain "TOP 1"

    This issue was already filed as case number 00389055 but was not considered a bug, so I post this here now. I used the -Dsrv qt_debug,SQL parameter when connected to an MSSQL-DB to have a look at the executed SQL-statements. When using FOR FIRST...