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  • WeakReference support

    Have some built-in way to resolve a weak reference to an object (e.g. INTEGER(MyObject)) back to the object. Currently you can store the INTEGER value but to retrieve the actual object you need to walk the object tree (SESSION:FIRST-OBJECT, Object:NEXT...
  • All deployed abl sources should be compilable with strict

    • Under Review
    At the moment many programs in /src are not compilable with the strict compile parameters enabled. Progress should only deploy source code that is compilable with ALL strict parameters enabled. (current and future) Otherwise this is a huge hassle for...
  • Allow LIKE in TEMP-TABLE definition when used with Business Entity and REST serv...

    • Under Review
    In order to guarantee that a temp table matches the database table we want to be able to use LIKE in the temp table definition. Currently, if LIKE is used on a temp table for a Business Entity used for a Data Object WebSpeed service (for REST), the service...
  • PDSOE Profiler, Start + Stop "Breakpoint"

    Hello, It would be a nice addition to the profiler integration in PDSOE if it would be possible to specify a start and stop profiling point over the context menu in the editor. (Overviewruler (left to the linenumber - like toggle breakpoint). In general...
  • Add DONT-COMPILE-HIERARCHY option to compiler

    • Under Review
    Problem : In a multi project setup rcode from one project ends up in another project. Example c inherits from b, b inherits from a, each class is in a separate project. The propath contains all projects The compile of the 3 classes propath ...
  • Rebuild PDS Indexing on project->clean

    • Under Review
    Currently the case is that PDS does not rebuild its internal indexes when it does a project->clean. It needs to do that. The use case is that a project->clean implies that PDS should be acting as if it was starting with a new code base. As such...
  • Remove DATASET-HANDLE and TABLE-HANDLE parameters

    The language/AVM should be intelligent enough to pass dataset/temp-table structure and data when passed between AppServer and client and no special datatype should exist for that. As long as you're in a single session, DATASET/TABLE-HANDLE parameters...
  • Exclude or Select the directories to scan for the CLASS CACHE in PDSOE, when it's...

    • Under Review
    Exclude or Select the directories to scan for the CLASS CACHE in PDSOE, when it's set on PROPATH
  • Debugging with the Shared AVM in PDSOE

    • Under Review
    Hello, We are working with PDSOE since 2 years, and we can't use the debugger, because we need to use it with the Shared AVM of our project, not with a new one. In our ERP, lot of databases are connected at the beggining, the propath is calculated...
  • Add except list parameter to COPY-DATASET method

    I would like to copy a dataset except a couple of fields. Currently this is not possible.