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  • can find a method when ctrl+space with wildcars

    • Under Review
    Example: myclass:*text* and ctrl+space shoud show all object wich matches "*text*".
  • OOABL - ability to output to property

    • Under Review
    Today (tested with 11.4 for example), I can't output (or input-output) to a property. For example, the following code will not compile: run someProcedure(output aClass:SomeProperty). run someProcedure2(input-output aClass:SomeProperty). Both...
  • PDSOE - option to compile only files that have compile errors

    • Under Review
    In PDSOE, I’d like to have a way to just recompile files that have compile errors. Say our project has 1000 files and 20 of these have compile errors. I want to just be able to compile just those files. For example, if I have 20 errors showing...
  • COPY-DATASET to have where-string clause

    • Under Review
    Hi I work with datasets in openedge frequently... and there is always a scenario where I have to use the copy-dataset statement to append/merge records. There has been a good few cases where I don't need all records copied to the target dataset...
  • Support OUTER-JOIN on FOR EACH

    Currently, when you want to outer-join a buffer in a for each, you need to create a (static or dynamic) query. I would be useful if the OUTER-JOIN option could be used directly on a for each statement.
  • Add built in support for WS-Security

    While possible to customize via extensive use of soap headers it would be a lot easier to access WS-Security protected web services with a built in support. Built in WS-Security would improve web service availability in OpenEdge and would help developer...
  • Add the bcrypt hashing algorithm

    Modern applications require modern security. Lots of hashing algorithms (did anyone mention md5?) are really outdated. I would want built in support for three of the currently most used and most secure hashing algorithms: bcrypt , scrypt and finally...
  • Add the ability to override a property

    C# allows you to override properties that are virtual. Since in ABL all methods/properties are virtual (overridable) by default (i.e. not FINAL), this should also be possible here. Now you need a workaround (provide a protected overridable getter...
  • For MS SQL dataserver, add the ability to see who has a record locked and on what...

    • Under Review
    When using the dataserver for MS SQL, when a locked record is being accessed in the ABL it gives a "Database Status" message something like: "cust in use by another user on tty ?. Wait or choose CANCEL to stop. (2624)." Please add...
  • Support/Certify .net 4.5 dll assemblies and Progress .net bridge

    • Under Review
    I'd like to start using .net 4.5 dll/assemblies in Progress (prowin32.exe and _proapsv.exe). Currently I can use .net 4.0 dlls. It looks like I can use .net 4.5 dlls but Progress doesn't currently certify/support it. Using .net 4.5 (actually ...