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  • Remove OS access from various Progress Editor points

    • Under Review
    We can test some workarounds such as override the Procedure Editor menu options to prevent users accessing the operating system through the menu or ensure our users only have access to folders you want them to have access to but this should be a permanent...
  • xml-xref nodes for function calls

    In an xml-xref you can see RUN nodes for procedure calls, but no an equivalent for function calls. Would be nice to have those.
  • Preserve Progress Errors that are thrown across the .net boundary and back to Pr...

    • Under Review
    This enhancement is derived from a support case 00318593. It was found that if you have a Progress error (e.g. Progress.Lang.AppError). If that apperror is thrown in a progress class but goes across the .net boundary, it gets converted to a .net exception...
  • ABLUnit in Linux/Unix environment

    • Under Review
    Can we get the procedure library added to the tty directory of DLC installation on Linux/Unix environments? Thanks, Peter B.
  • Provide SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute on dataset

    Hi, Currently, when you want to change the SCHEMA-MARSHAL settings of all temp-tables in a dataset, you have to set each individual temp-table's SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute. You could write a routine that iterates all temp-tables of the dataset, and...
  • Allow method parameters to be case-sensitive

    Currently variables and parameter to procedures can be set CASE-SENSITIVE, but parameters to methods can't... Now you need to create an extra CASE-SENSITIVE variable to do case sensitive operations in methods. Suggestion: Add CASE-SENSITIVE option...
  • 4GLTrace and thrown Errors - Show error message

    • Under Review
    When you have 4GLTrace with Log Level 3, we see the Return information as procedures, functions, and methods are run. If an error (Progress.Lang.AppError for example) is thrown in those blocks, we see the word "ERROR" appened to the log line...
  • Access to INITIAL value for variable

    • Under Review
    Ref pkb 47199. The INITIAL attribute should be accessible for widgets programmatically
  • AutoComplete on UIB. Part 2 ( KevinRyer has also added something about this )

    It would be very nice, if when popep up the autocomplete for database's tables would allow to select the correct table with up/down arrow, and once selected, if you press dot, it instantly completes the underline code, and offers rigth away, the fields...
  • Procedure Libraries: Manifest File for versioning PL files to allow dependencies...

    I'd like to see the ability to put version information into a proceudre library that could be used to deal with dependencies. Right now a prolib cannot be easily versioned and has to be manually checked by an exterior process in order to check that...