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  • PDSOE Debugger - Show contents of temp table/data set

    • Under Review
    It would be nice to be able to see the contents of a temp table or dataset in the PDSOE Debugger. Currently, it only shows the current buffer contents. I want to see the full contents of the temp table. As a bonus, if the variable is a handle and...
  • Support for inner/nested classes
  • Allow FILL() while TRACKING-CHANGES is true

    Same idea as for EMPTY-DATASET() / EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE(), but for the FILL() method. You should be able to FILL() a dataset and revert (REJECT-CHANGES()) or accept (ACCEPT-CHANGES()) that action. See also
  • Add parameter to QUIT statement to return value to caller

    It's currently not possible to return a value to the shell when exiting a Progress session, so there's no easy way to know if a batch session was successful or not. Trapping return code (using $? or %ERRORLEVEL%) is especially useful when dealing...

    Currently you can't use EMPTY-DATASET()/EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE() while TRACKING-CHANGES is true. I want to do just that: empty a dataset and be able to either accept that (ACCEPT-CHANGES()) or revert to the previous state (REJECT-CHANGES()). I can loop...
  • Add 4GL/ABL support to display which user/connection has a record locked

    • Under Review
    Please add functions or statements to get the connection ID that has a record locked. Obviously the 4GL has access to this information when you try and lock a record without error handling (record in use by xxx on xxx). If you are writing proper code...
  • Add option to enforce correct case on class references

    • Under Review
    .Net classes references are case sensitive. Progress allows incorrect .Net class references if you have already compiled a source containing the correct reference. see
  • WSDL Analyzer improvements

    The wsdl analyzer (bprowsdldoc) could benefit from some improvements. 1) Make the wsdl analyzer able to go through more complex xml:s and generate DATASETS out of them instead of taking the "easy" way out and generate LONGCHARS. 2) Add parameters...
  • Open Client: Add support for DATETIME-TZ parameters in .NET Open Client implemen...

    Support for storing DATETIME and timezone offset data in the same variable was introduced to .NET in 3.5 with the new DateTimeOffset data type. Because Progress' .NET Open Client was implemented prior to .NET 3.5 the DATETIME-TZ data-type maps to...
  • PDSOE: Allow manual entry of class names in dialogues

    • Under Review
    In a number of dialogues you can specify a class name but you're forced to use a browse button. This may be nice in a project with 30 sources. If you have a legacy project with 10000+ sources you can have a coffee-break waiting for the list to show...