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  • Add option to enforce correct case on class references

    • Under Review
    .Net classes references are case sensitive. Progress allows incorrect .Net class references if you have already compiled a source containing the correct reference. see
  • WSDL Analyzer improvements

    The wsdl analyzer (bprowsdldoc) could benefit from some improvements. 1) Make the wsdl analyzer able to go through more complex xml:s and generate DATASETS out of them instead of taking the "easy" way out and generate LONGCHARS. 2) Add parameters...
  • Open Client: Add support for DATETIME-TZ parameters in .NET Open Client implemen...

    Support for storing DATETIME and timezone offset data in the same variable was introduced to .NET in 3.5 with the new DateTimeOffset data type. Because Progress' .NET Open Client was implemented prior to .NET 3.5 the DATETIME-TZ data-type maps to...
  • PDSOE: Allow manual entry of class names in dialogues

    • Under Review
    In a number of dialogues you can specify a class name but you're forced to use a browse button. This may be nice in a project with 30 sources. If you have a legacy project with 10000+ sources you can have a coffee-break waiting for the list to show...
  • Add a feature to add USING entry given a class name

    After typing a class name, add a context menu to add the corresponding USING entry for the class based on the assemblies referenced by the project. BONUS: Add a context menu to allow stripping the namespace from fully specified class and create the...
  • Upgrade option for OpenEdge Installation

    It will be good to provide upgrade option for existing user with lower OpenEdge version. We can have options like new installation or Upgrade from lower version to higher version like 11.4.0 to 11.6.0 while installing OpenEdge .
  • Allow point instead of colon for methods & properties

    • Under Review
    In a lot of places the compiler allows point (.) instead of colon(:). Please also allow point for invoking methods/addressing properties, it would make copying samples form c# into abl much easier. e.g. Allow System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes...
  • Add compile time check for FIELDS phrase on static for each/query

    Currently there are no compile time check on fields phrases. Writing the following should not compile, yet it does... FOR EACH TableName FIELDS(NotExistingField) WHERE ... NO-LOCK: ... END. Or is this a bug?
  • Add CANCEL-REQUEST() method to Async request handle

    Currently you can't cancel a single asynchronous AppServer request. AppServerHandle:CANCEL-REQUESTS() cancels ALL pending requests, which is too much for my needs. A CANCEL-REQUEST() method on the asynchronous request handle could be useful to...
  • Ability to do a ProToMss dataserver utility against a online Openedge database with...

    Now I have to take a openedge database offline to migrate it definitions to SQL Server. It would be nice to have this utility able to do this on a online database. This behaviour changed in OpenEdge 11.3 Dataserver for SQL Server.