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  • Add documentation for PROFILER handle

    Currently there is no official documentation for the PROFILER handle, except one article on the knowledge base ( ) This documentation should be available...
  • Ability to define an ABL class property with LIKE

    • Under Review
    It would be useful to define an ABL class property LIKE a database field. For example: USING Progress.Lang.*. BLOCK-LEVEL ON ERROR UNDO , THROW . CLASS test: DEFINE PUBLIC PROPERTY testprop LIKE OrderLine.Price NO-UNDO GET . SET . END CLASS...
  • SUPPROMSGS for OEDK: Classroom Edition

    Non english language pack exists only in additional language pack and is not available for OEDK: Classroom Edition users. This is serious problem for newbie. Please add a language pack (SUPPROMSG) to the OEDK: Classroom Edition
  • 10 decimal limit.

    We need more decimals when doing math in Progress 4GL. We get round errors in amounts, and have to make different work-arounds to go around this limit. Is there a plan to solve this in Progress 4GL?
  • Intelligent casing of unreserved keywords in PDSOE

    When using unreserved keywords as property in a class, the casing rules get applied to them. Since the compiler can figure out what you're doing, so should the parser in Eclipse (PDSOE). To a lesser annoying extent, they also get the keyword coloring...
  • Regular expressions in the ABL

    Do we really still not have regular expressions? Can we please get regex support in the ABL? There are many circumstances where MATCHES just doesn't do the job.
  • Use new Enum functionality in built-in attributes/methods

    To make code more type-safe, it would be nice if existing built-in attributes/methods that currently only accept a constant or string get an overloaded version that accepts an Enum. E.g. BUFFER ttOrder:FILL-MODE = "MERGE":U could become...
  • Startup option -strict to reject abbreviated keywords / file / field references

    The compiler happily accepts abbreviated keywords, file and field references, but occasionally this can result in strange and hard to debug errors (see also this post). Also, it grows sloppy programs. It would be handy to have a startup option like...
  • Object reference as paramter use is not allowed

    • Under Review
    Why can't we use an object reference qualified variable name as an input output or output parameters ???
  • Safe input sanitization method

    • Under Review
    Currently many people use QUOTER() to sanitize user input when inserting it in dynamic queries. However this is unsafe, because it does not escape ~ octal values, and as a result, one can do 'ABL' injection as demonstrated by the following code...