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  • PASOE - Add ability to log elements of a REST call

    • Under Review
    right now one is limited to what apache logs in its various files or using RequestDump to capture the entire request/response payload. I want a configurable logging option which'll allow me to capture elements of a REST call including any header I...
  • PASOE - document logging.xml

    • Under Review
    There's no real documentation on the Progress elements of logging.xml and there needs to be. There also needs to be more documentation on logging in general.

    To get the Process-ID of the current session, we use _MyConnection table or external libraries. Wouldn't it be nice if this is a attribute of the SESSION system handle?
  • PDSOE - MES template

    Every time I start a new workspace in PDSOE, I first adapt the MES macro template. By default it is defined as: MESSAGE ${cursor} VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. I always change it to: MESSAGE ${cursor} VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX INFORMATION. I know each user...
  • Callback routines during READ-XML or READ-JSON

    It would be beneficial to manipulate the temp-tables while filling it using READ-XML or READ-JSON. Similar as the AFTER-FILL/AFTER-ROW-FILL. In this way it is possible to fill fields with initial values (i.e. which are not in the xml document).
  • Rename "ABL Appserver" to "PASOE Appserver" in "Project...

    • Under Review
    In PDS "Project Facets" the new PASOE facets are labeled "ABL AppServer" facets, which is misleading and can result in the developer incorrectly selecting the wrong kind of appserver for their requirements.
  • Remove Deployment Components from Source Code Projects

    When using PDSOE, OE project types like 'REST' and 'ABL Web App' include deployment-specific and derived artifacts in the projects thus cluttering up when should be a source-only project. Please consider creating separate project types...
  • PASOE - Allow Centralized Logging into DynamoDB (or somwhere central)

    Allow for centralized logging so that auto-scaled servers are logging in DynamoDB or somewhere centrally rather than on individual servers.
  • Support non-OpenEdge databases

    Let me start by saying that this is a thoroughly out-there idea, but I think it has merit. The idea to allow ABL programs to run against non-OpenEdge databases -- natively, not through the DataServer hacks. The Technical Case At first glance, except...
  • Enhance reflection functionality to get initial value of variable/property

    It can be useful to get the initial value of a value/property after the value has been changed. The Progress.Lang.Variable:Get() method could get enhanced to be able to return the initial value of the variable/property. If that information is not...