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Turn off the splash screen for developers

If a development product is installed, make NoSplash=yes the default setting.

Blogpost: http://www.fabianffrank.com/2014/02/the-wonderful-side-benefit-of-nosplash.html

Discussion: https://community.progress.com/technicalusers/f/19/t/8980.aspx

Status update

Implemented in OpenEdge 11.4.

  • there should be an option to show the Splashscreen but turn off the 2 second pause

  • Also support for other image formats, transparency, animation etc. would be welcome.

  • What about adding a startup parameter to turn it on or off like -splash true and -splash false. I don't recommend a -nosplash parameter because if that would be set at any level, you wouldn't be able to override it anymore.

  • Having the option to disable the splash screen in the runtime configuration screen would be nice.