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Implement a session:first-client-principal attribute

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We have a process in place to check for memory leaks on a Progress Application Server. The primarily uses the code from article:

However in recent testing we found a memory leak on an application server agent and all the objects in the session handle looked fine. After investigating with DynObjects we found the memory leak was a leaking CLIENT-PRINCIPAL object.

Current there is no way to detect this leak other than DynObjects. A Progress support case was created with the solution as follows:

"I checked with development on this before I submitted the bug.  They came back and said that session:first-object is only for objects that inherit from Progress.Lang.Object so client-principal would not apply.  They would like you to submit an enhancement request asking that they implement a session:first-client-principal attribute instead."

  • A more general SESSION:FIRST-HANDLE would be a broader mechanism - you could see C-P objects as well as any other handle-based objects in a session. You can always check the TYPE attribute for the type.