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Have ability to extend existing client logging messages

This has come up in a number of support cases, thought it'd be worth posting here:

We would like to use the loglevel and logentrytype as supported by progress/OE, but we were wondering if extra information could be added to this line somehow. 

One use-case could be to include a snapshot of locked records whenevery QryInfo statistics are written (example when <query>:DUMP-LOGGING-NOW( ) is called)


One way to approach this could be via a callback mechanism / event trigger on the LOG-MANAGER, so that data can be inserted whenever a speciifc message is written to the logs.

  • Another use-case: log a unique value identifying the logical flow on each line

    Idea: the consumer passes in a unqiue value which is added to each 4GLTRACE line. When parsing the log, this value can be used to get the complete logical flow the consumer executed, even if there are many calls and using different appserver agents.

    Without this value, it is impossible to use the log to see the complete logical flow.