Dear Sir/Madam,

In our (very large) OpenEdge application we have made toolbar's with 'custom-buttons', see image

We created such a button, not with the'Button' widget, but with the 'Rectangle' Widget and an image widget and sometimes a 'fill-in' widget.

The buttons have a 'hover-color' and behave like a non-focus-button. But for that hover-color and non-focus behaviour, we needed the msgblst32.ocx, for catching the 'WM_MOUSEMOVE', (for the hovercolor), WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_RBUTTONDOWN (to get non-focus behaviour).

We would like to not use the msgblst32.ocx, because we do not know how stable this activeX will be in the future.
So we need the following: could you make an event 'MOUSE-MOVE' and an event 'WM_MOUSELEAVE' for a Rectangle-widget?
And can you give a rectangle widget an attribute 'non-focus', like the button-widget?
We would like this very much.
Another reason for wanting this is, that then we can create also stand-alone buttons with the desired behaviour and appearence (that is yet practically not possible, because then for each button we would need a msgblst32.ocx instance; we have yet one msgblst32.ocx instance per toolbar).
We are looking forward for your answer.

Kind regards, Edzerd Boersma.