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Compiler should prevent methods/functions without RETURN statement

The compiler should prohibit (or at least warn about) non void methods/functions that have no RETURN statement on every possible execution path.

In Java, such code doesn't even compile.

In ABL, when you forget a RETURN x. statement, you don't get any warning, while the method always returns ?.

This check could be part of a new "strict compile" option, which should be on by default...

  • Good point, this kind of errors leaves a developer without a clue as why their sources don't do what they expect it to do.

    See also for an idea for the '-strict' parameter.

  • Hey Progress!

    Look at all these votes!

    Surely this isn't that hard to implement?

  • It wouldn't surprise me if they want to handle this via the strict compiler options. That might be the reason you haven't heard anything yet.

  • Let's hope they do Patrick. Is there a list available on what strict compile options are now available in 11.7?

  • This doesn't appear to be on the strict compile list for 11.7... Any chance to pick this up for OE 12? Anyone from Progress reading this?

  • Hey, just noticed the "Coming Soon" tag, which is probably OE 12?

    The SonarLint functionality using Riverside plugin/rules is indeed detecting this already, and since that is will be in the box, I assume this is checked that way...