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Add startup option to ignore is created during OpenEdge installation and contains the I18N choices made duing setup.

It can be used to further tailor the installation (e.g. -T /tmp ).

Some scripts are written with American settings in mind and fail to run with e.g. European settings.

It is impossible, or at least very hard, for a script to add parameters to revert all changes that were made in

This could be handled by a single -ignoreStartupPf parameter.

The script would then have total control over all parameters used by the session.

Scripts that fail include

  • Roundtable installation
  • OpenEdge source pbuild

Parameters that cause these to fail include

  • -numsep
  • -numdec
  • -cpstream
  • -T (some scripts expect this to be the current directory instead of a temp directory)

  • We have the convention of handling after install by commenting out every setting in it. This new parameter would make that step unnecessary but on the other hand, we would have to remember to add that parameter to every script. Maybe the best solution for us would be the possibility to create an empty on install (in fact, in my opinion, that should be the default) but this new parameter would also be helpful.